What is WAEO?

Empowering Equine Osteopathy Worldwide

Welcome to the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths (WAEO), where passion for equine well-being unites with a global vision. We are a 501c4 Mutual Benefit Corporation that serves as a dynamic force within the Equine Osteopathy community. Our commitment extends beyond borders, creating meaningful connections, educational platforms, and a shared mission to advance the practice of Equine Osteopathy.

The Board

Our WAEO Board is composed of volunteer Equine Osteopaths who have achieved the EDO status by passing rigorous exams set forth by the International Registry of Equine Osteopaths (IREO). These passionate individuals come together from around the globe, dedicating their time and expertise to steer WAEO's initiatives.

Meeting monthly, they discuss future plans, new membership benefit ideas, fund-raising opportunities and future conference planning. There is always room for more Delegates around the world to participate in one or all of these activities!

Our Vision - Leading with Unity and Excellence

WAEO is a collaborative endeavor driven by a diverse and dedicated community of Equine Osteopaths from all corners of the world. The heart of our vision is to establish Equine Osteopathy as an international profession of distinction. In an ever-evolving world, we adapt and evolve to meet the needs of both practitioners and the equine world we serve.

Diverse Activities, Singular Purpose

At WAEO, we are more than a collective of professionals; we are a movement with a clear purpose:

🌱 Advancing the Practice: We champion the Equine Osteopathy profession for educational and scientific purposes, promoting its undeniable benefits.

📚 Continuing Education: Our commitment to learning is unwavering. We provide continuing education opportunities to our members and support scientific research in Equine Osteopathy.

🌎 International Collaboration: WAEO transcends borders. We work relentlessly to solidify Equine Osteopathy as an internationally respected and recognized profession.

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 Promote the Benefits for Educational and Scientific Purposes.



Provided for members and to support scientific research in Equine Osteopathy.  


Establishing Equine Osteopathy as an international profession of distinction.

What is Osteopathy?

"Osteopathy is the scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology, applied through the trained and experienced hands of the therapist to help the suffering patient after strain, overstrain, shock, accident mechanical disorders and wounds.

A system of 'engineering'  of the whole human body, that keeps communications with the brain open, that prevents all possible stasis or congestion of blood and fluid "   

- A.T Still

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Tom Beech BVSc, MRCVS, EDO®

Vice President

Lu Ann Groves DVM


Jessica Van Buskirk, EDO®