What is WAEO?

WAEO is a 501c4 Mutual Benefit Corporation that serves our membership, creating conferences and spreading the word of the Equine Osteopathy profession globally.

The Board

The WAEO Board is a group of volunteer Equine Osteopaths from around the world that have all achieved the EDO status by passing exams put forth by the International Registry of Equine Osteopaths (IREO).

Meeting monthly, we discuss future plans, new membership benefit ideas, fund-raising opportunities and future conference planning. There is always room for more Delegates around the world to participate in one or all of these activities!


 Promote the Benefits for Educational and Scientific Purposes.



Provided for members and to support scientific research in Equine Osteopathy.  


Establishing Equine Osteopathy as an international profession of distinction.

What is Osteopathy?

"Osteopathy is the scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology, applied through the trained and experienced hands of the therapist to help the suffering patient after strain, overstrain, shock, accident mechanical disorders and wounds.

A system of 'engineering'  of the whole human body, that keeps communications with the brain open, that prevents all possible stasis or congestion of blood and fluid "   

- A.T Still

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Tom Beech BVSc, MRCVS, EDO®

Vice President

Lu Ann Groves DVM, EDO®


Jessica Van Buskirk, EDO®